Join a well-established group of advocates for fish and habitat. The BCFFF is the only organization in BC with a mandate to further the interest of fly anglers. In addition, BCFFF members have access to a multitude of supports, including access to funds for various types of projects, help with club information, and local conservation and quality angling issues. There are three ways to become a BCFFF member, as an individual, as part of a club, or through corporate sponsorship. Contact us to learn more about corporate membership.


Join today

Our access to the decision-making structures that impact your fly-fishing experience, our commitment to new conservation initiatives, and our steadfast pursuit of quality angling opportunities is how we represent your interests as an angler in British Columbia. The annual membership fee is only $20. Membership is only available to BC residents.

Join as a Club

Form or join a fly fishing club that is a member of the BCFFF and become an associate member.

Both existing and new clubs that wish to be members of the BCFFF can use this form to submit their annual dues. 

Forming or joining a fly-fishing club is a good choice if you are looking for hands-on help to get started. Most federation clubs have programs to help beginners and offer a fun and social atmosphere.

The club membership fee is $15 plus $5 for each club member. Membership for youth clubs, such as high school fly-fishing clubs is free.

Fly Fishing Association Group Membership

Member Benefits

Be part of a well established group that advocates for fish and fish habitat and is the only organization in BC that has a mandate to further the interests of fly anglers.

Access to funds for various types of projects.

As a member, you will receive assistance in forming a club. 

Assistance from BCFFF with local conservation and quality angling issues.

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