Leave a Legacy

Embark on a meaningful journey to preserve the pristine fly fishing heritage of British Columbia by supporting the British Columbia Fly Fishing Federation through your generous donation. Your contribution plays a crucial role in advancing our mission of conservation, education, and the protection of BC’s remarkable rivers and ecosystems. By donating, you directly contribute to the sustainability of this unique angling experience and help us foster a community dedicated to the responsible enjoyment of nature. Your support enables vital initiatives, from habitat restoration projects to educational programs that instill a sense of stewardship among future generations of anglers. Join us in safeguarding the natural beauty of BC’s waters and ensuring the legacy of fly fishing for years to come. Your donation isn’t just an investment in our organization; it’s a commitment to the rich tapestry of fly fishing in British Columbia. Give today and be a part of preserving the wilderness we cherish. 

Please note: BCFFF is a non-profit organization and therefore cannot issue tax receipts.

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